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Author: Leo Capernaros

A New World…is just around the corner!

Our latest production opens on Wednesday 22nd March, which means we are down to just a few rehearsals remaining…excuse me, when did that happen?!

This musical is something different, and the anticipation of performing is starting to bubble over and it will be fascinating to see what our audiences make of it. There’s real feeling within the company that we’re on the verge of something special, but we are at that point where we need an audience to find out!

Here’s a little video that features a description of the show, some of the music and shots of the cast working hard in the rehearsal room (which doubles up as out theatre from time to time).

The show runs 22nd-25th March (19:30) and tickets are £12/£10.  Call 01785 817307 to reserve or visit our Box Office – The Home and Colour Centre on Stone High Street.

REVIEW: ‘The Real Thing’ was real good.

In September we performed ‘The Real Thing’ by Tom Stoppard, and the production has received a couple of excellent reviews which seem to echo the positive feedback we had from audiences each night.

Tom Stoppard plays are often regarded as ‘wordy’ and demand a lot of concentration from the audience, and this play was no exception.  Overall there were two types of response, people either loved the production inside out OR they didn’t love the play itself but did admire our production – and that’s fine by us, variety is the spice of life!  Next up is fun for all the family with Jack and the Beanstalk! Tickets available online or from Home and Colour on the High St.

Below is the full Sentinel Review from Gina Brian…

The Real Thing– a play written by Tom Stoppard

Venue St Michael’s Hall Stone 7.30  9th-13th Sept.

The venue is tiny but The Revellers Theatre Company always manage to organise themselves and the audience to use the space to its full advantage. For this play, we, the audience sit very close to the players on 3 sides of their playing space- a real treat. The set is minimal but sufficient, it is changed efficiently and quickly by the cast and back stage crew on many occasions for there are 11 scenes.

The play is set in the early 1980s, it is about marriage, writing, emotional fidelity and intellectual integrity. Stoppard uses the play within a play structure to mess around with ideas of reality, honesty, fidelity and love. Characters include a playwright (Henry), two actresses (Charlotte and Annie), two actors (Max and Billy)  a daughter (Debbie) and an aspiring writer(Brodie). He combines his characteristically brilliant wordplay and wit with flashes of insight that illuminate the nature and the mystery of love, creating a play which challenges the mind while searching out the secrets of the heart.

This cast each display well developed and different characters. Stoppard uses a lot of words which have to be delivered clearly and with understanding and they all do this very successfully- they are to be congratulated. I particularly enjoyed Alec Voss’s performance as Henry, he handles a whole range of emotions with real insight and understanding and also that of Harri Bailey, who played Henry’s second wife Annie. The closeness of the audience left them no room for relaxation and they worked hard throughout the evening, each complementing the other.

Many congratulations to all members of the cast and to the Director Mark Doran.

‘The Real Thing’

Tickets now available for our next production!  This funny, touching and intelligent play looks at our old friend ‘love’ and asks…how do we know when it’s ‘The Real Thing’…like really really the real thing.

The brilliant writing of Tom Stoppard at his best, a great cast and once again we will be doing something a little bit different inside St Michael’s Hall.

“Taking inspiration from some incredible plays seen at the New Vic recently, we have decided to stage this show as close to ‘in the round’ as we can achieve, it’s not quite 360, but we hope to give our audience an immersive experience perhaps like they are peering through an open window in to the lives and living rooms of our characters” (Mark Doran – Director).

To purchase tickets click here or visit The Home and Colour Centre on Stone High St (01785 817307)

(seating for this production will be unreserved)

Real thing quarter page

WINNERS: Stone Revellers do it again!

Last year Stone Revellers received its first ever NODA (National Operatics and Drama Association) Award for our memorable production of the modern classic ‘Jerusalem’. Well hot on the heels of this new recognition, we are incredibly proud to announce that our recent production of Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ has followed suit, once again picking up best drama in the regional awards held on Sunday 17th April.

Winning awards for two plays written 400 years apart is further evidence that our little theatre company isn’t scared to take on different challenges, succeed in doing them justice and continue bringing quality theatre to our audiences in Stone.

Next up is Father Ted in June, tickets are selling fast so don’t hesitate…it’s bound to be another winner!


Our bags are packed….


With our first production of a Gilbert & Sullivan musical only weeks away, director Leo Capernaros gives us a progress report on The Mikado…

“This is the first musical I have directed, and frankly I’m right out of my comfort zone.  Give me some good old-fashioned dialogue and I find my natural place in the rehearsal room, however as soon as the keyboard kicks in for yet another ‘big number’ my head starts to spin. It’s technical, time consuming and there has to be dancing…HELP!

Thankfully I do have plenty of help in the form of a wonderful Musical Director (Susie Dickson), a creative Choreographer (Harri Bailey) and a G&S obsessed Assistant Director (Ian Bowen, also playing Pooh-Bah!).  Between us and the hard-working (and talented) cast – we are putting all the pieces together, bit by bit.  We often have differing  ideas in our minds, but happily the whole group seems to have the same overriding objective, to tell the story.  We want our audience to enjoy what they see and hear, but also understand the story being told, and the story of The Mikado is no simple tale, it twists and turns, it’s wacky and at times flat-out absurd.  For this reason we know telling the story will be a challenge, but one we are enjoying.

I have never worked with a G&S script before, and being honest I never thought I would, but like much of the cast I have been surprised at how inventive and wonderfully funny it is – it’s going to be great fun.  We have a huge few weeks left that will require hard-work and focus – thankfully we have a production team and cast that are up for the challenge.

We are also knee-deep in suitcases – come along to find out why.”


Tickets available from The Home and Colour Centre on Stone High St, Tel 01785 817307.

Wed 6th – Sat 9th April 19:30 (14:30 Sat Mat) £12/£10



In April next year Stone Revellers will perform Gilbert and Sullivan’s classic musical ‘The Mikado’ and as ever our audition process will be entirely open to anyone keen to get involved.

WORKSHOP DATE: Tues 8th Dec, 19:30

AUDITION DATES: 10th Dec 19:30 & 13th Dec 14:30

SHOW DATES: 6th – 9th April (Inc Sat Mat) 2016

LOCATION: St Michael’s Hall, Lichfield St, Stone, ST15 8AA

There will be an optional workshop before the auditions that will give you a chance to sing some of the songs in a group, meet the production team and hear  about our exciting approach to staging this great piece of musical theatre.

The audition pack includes some suggested songs in both a vocal score and libretto version. There is also a section of dialogue for each character. You are welcome to choose a different audition song if you prefer but it must be from The Mikado.

Details about all the roles are below. Each character description has some notes for the actor and a description of the character’s involvement. The way in which this performance will be staged enables any actor regardless of age or sex to assume various roles throughout, therefore we are very open minded when it comes to the ages of the principle parts, in other words – if you fancy it, go for it! 

For audition packs and/or you have any questions then just get in touch with the Director Leo Capernaros: 07917 192988 or email

Good Mooooooooooooorning, Neverland!

The clock is ticking (from inside the giant Crocodile) – yes that’s right folks it’s nearly time to visit Peter Pan’s Neverland for this year’s swashbuckling pantomime.

The cast and crew can’t wait to share all their hard work with you in just a few weeks time. Tickets are selling fast so get down to Home and Colour to buy yours double quick, or call 01785 817307.

Tuesday 1st – Sat 5th December 19:30 (Sat Matinee 14:30)


“Stone Revellers breathe new life into a Shakespeare classic”


Our production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream opened this week and if the review of our opening night is anything to go by, we might just have pulled this off! There’s already a feeling we won’t be waiting another 38 years to peform our next Shakespeare.

“…Revellers breathe new life into the classic with fantastic costumes, music and set…the result is triumphant”

You can read the full review from LoveMidlandsTheatre below…

It’s a bold move to take on any centuries old literature and make it interesting for today’s audience, let alone a seminal piece of beloved theatre like A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Stone Revellers have done just that, and the gamble has paid off as the talented cast reimagine the wonderfully funny and fantastical play, with stellar casting and confident performances throughout.

Transitioning between the real world and the invented, the play starts with the transformation of Oberon the imagined fairy king into ruler of the Kingdom Theseus, played to perfection by Tom Waldron – a name you should be certain to watch out for in the future.

Approached at his throne he is requested to intervene in the tangled affairs of Hermia, Lysander and Demetrius played by Beatrice Goodwin, Alec Voss and Leo Capernaros respectively. The love triangle becomes more complicated still with the arrival of Helene Sandy, brilliant played and cast as the witty but woeful Helena.

The developing relationships between the four is made all the more watchable by the strength of the individual characters, who interact and dominate as allowed by the script to provide a really great balance – a credit to the work of the actors involved, with particular highlights including the stand-off between Lysander and Demetrius as they rival for affection.

Centred around a dream-fuelled love story the cast explore their conscious romantic decisions and unintentional obsessions as the interfering Puck, played very well by Dan Leadbetter, casts love spells over almost all of the visitors to the fairy kingdom. Madness and much confusion ensues, as the lines between dream and reality become increasingly blurred.

From the compelling beginning, through dreams and finally back to waking the twisting and turning narrative is kept interesting but made accessible to the audience. Oberon’s fairy land was wonderfully charming whilst the man himself is portrayed by Waldron with such physicality and incredible authority, and is deeply engaging to watch. The contrasting kingdom of ruled by Theseus and Hippolyta, played by Bethany Harrison, grounds the story, with the lovers flitting in and out as easily as the blink of an eye.

Waldron’s Oberon and Theseus command attention and drive the show, but a great supporting cast bring a touch of pure magic to the piece. Notable mention must go to the mechanicals for their hilarious – deliberate – overacting and providing the comedic pulse throughout, particularly Dave Bryan as the enthusiastic Bottom.

A risky direction to take with their first ever Shakespeare, Revellers breathe new life into the classic with fantastic costumes, music and set. Purists be warned that under the direction of Mark Doran and Harri Bailey the traditional setting takes a back seat to a more modern vision, however the result is triumphant and well worth a watch.

“Lord, what fools these mortals be!”


After months of rehearsing we have been working extra hard this week on building quite possibly the most beautiful and magical set in our 40 year history. The cast and crew are so excited to share our production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ to sell out crowds every night this week. There are onl 15 or so tickets remaining, all for the Saturday Matinee performance (Sat 12th Sept 14:30).

Okay so the photo doesn’t look like much, but believe me…we have been very very busy since this was taken. If you do want to come and see the final result (and the play to be performed all over it!) Then give us a call on 01785 817307 or visit the Home and Colour Centre on Stone High St.

AUDITIONS! Peter Pan: Hook’s Revenge!


It’s approaching that time of year again…it’s nearly time to start rehearsing Christmas Pantomime (“oh yes it is…” etc).  We have been performing our much loved panto since the late 70’s and look forward to welcoming sell-out audiences back one more for the debut perfromance of this new story involving the dastardly Captain Hook his sidekick Sme and of course Peter, Wendy, Tink and the Lost Boys.

Sunday 30th Aug 2:30 pm till 4:30pm
Wednesday 2nd September 7:30pm till 9:30pm
St Michael’s Hall, Lichfield Street, Stone

All the audtion pieces can be found here or email