‘The Admirable Crichton!’.

This September, get shipwrecked with Stone Revellers in a clever adaptation of this classic satirical play.

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J.M. Barrie was a Scottish novelist and playwright best known for the world famous Peter Pan.

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For Stone Revellers: Director: Kath Walton | Assistant Director: Charl Andrews | Co-Producers: Rob Stanway & Joanne Whitehurst

Stone Revellers Musical Theatre is the longest running theatre group in Stone. We have been performing in the town since 1978 and we haven’t missed a year yet. We have over 100 members who range from 6 to 80!

Our membership isn’t just about performers either, some people love to help with the technical side, set building, costume, collecting tickets and the million other things that go on behind the scenes.

‘Revs’ is more than just a theatre company, it’s a community.  We regularly get together socially and look out for each other through the trials and tribulations of life.  We try not to take ourselves too seriously but we absolutely take our theatre seriously!

We constantly strive to improve our standards and ensure we offer our loyal audiences value for money.  Show by show, year by year we always aim to produce the most professional, slick and entertaining shows we possibly can.

We perform 4 shows a year at St Michael’s Hall:

  • The musical (March/April)
  • The Summer Comedy (June)
  • The Play (September)
  • The Pantomime (Nov/December)

This might seem like a hectic schedule but it means there is something for everyone, both in terms of our audiences coming to watch and our membership taking part.

We are always looking for new members, if you fancy performing come and audition, we pride ourselves on being an open society that gives everyone an equal shot.  Also, there are lots of other jobs to do besides performing, so no matter what you’re interested in doing…get in touch! Just email info@stonerevellers.org.uk

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