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At Stone Revellers we pride ourselves on being an open society, every part in every show is up for grabs, we base all our casting decisions on the audition alone.

Auditions for MURDER AFOOT, a cleverly written, fast-paced, murder mystery comedy with many twists and turns (Directed by Kath Walton) will be:

Tuesday 12th & Thursday 14th April 2022

7.30-9.00pm at St Michael’s Hall, Stone.

You only need to come to one audition date (arrive at any time before 9.00pm) where you will be seen on a first come, first seen basis for a short audition and chat.

We’re looking for over 18s for this production.

This show will be a great opportunity for a hard working & committed cast to be part of a stylistic, slapstick murder mystery with elements of clowning, farce and physical theatre.

Three audition pieces have been provided for each character, to give a bit of variety, please have a look at all 3.

If you have any further questions about the script or characters please contact


Dark clouds are gathering over The Arches, the stately mansion of brash, larger-than-life shoe millionaire, Titus Platt. His peevish son Malcolm is hard up for money after living large and his ex-fiancée, the French night club singer Colette LaMarre, arrives bringing news that makes matters worse for him – she is with child, and the thought of having to tell his overbearing father fills him with dread.

Malcolm’s ditzy sister Penny is about to marry Thomas Tottering, the upstart vice president of Platt Shoes Limited. Meanwhile Mr Platt’s personal secretary, Hedda Noble, and the stern housekeeper Miss Grimlish disagree about the future prospects of Livia, the maid, of whom, Miss Grimlish is mysteriously protective.

When the notorious gentleman thief The Black Fox forcefully announces his intention to steal Platt’s precious golden Etruscan dagger, Platt calls the police. Livia spills the beans to the rest of the staff that The Black Fox is on his way. Mistakenly, but understandably, all fear for their lives and, except for Livia, resign immediately. The chauffeur leaves too, and is replaced, perhaps rather too swiftly, by the intrepid Dick Drake.

Soon Inspector Bullock arrives to thwart The Fox’s plans. During a thunderstorm in the night, Titus Platt is found murdered leaving a dying clue in the form of two chess pieces. The investigation comes to a head when a second Inspector Bullock turns up, bound and gagged, accusing the first of being a fraud. It appears that virtually everyone: Malcolm, Penny, Thomas, Livia, Miss Grimlish and even the new chauffeur, had a motive to kill Platt. False identities abound and, during the reading of Titus’ will, some rather murky secrets of the past are revealed. Before dawn, another murder is committed and The Etruscan dagger disappears twice.


There is no character in this show that isn’t a ‘comedy’ character. Everyone has their moments. All characters to be played ‘over the top’, this is a satire on serious murder mysteries, like a life-sized game of Cluedo, there will be lots of surprises, lots of physical comedy, clever use of staging/props, from every cast member. Servants accents not set in stone, could be generic ‘northern’ for example.

Malcolm Platt – The Wayward Son (posh / RP) – foolish, a little bit dim, has the best one liners, is ‘seeing’ Collette, due to inherit the fortune, 20s/30s 

Malcolm 1

Malcolm 2

Malcolm 3

Livia – The Maid (West Country) – 20s – quiet, quite unassuming, gets things right but no one pays her much attention as she is a servant, gets her moment in the spotlight, still has lots of funny lines, facial expressions, physical comedy

Livia 1

Livia 2

Livia 3

Miss Grimlish – The Housekeeper (West Country twang / but tries to talk posh above her station), stoic, stern, but still has lots of comedy lines, old enough to be Livia’s mum – 40s/50s, full of surprises

Grimlish 1

Grimlish 2

Grimlish 3

Penny Platt  – The Dutiful Daughter (posh / RP) – 20s/30s – over the top, melodramatic, engaged to Thomas Tottering, but lets give her a bit of ‘oomph’ – don’t be fooled into thinking she needs to be a meek character

Penny 1

Penny 2

Penny 3

Thomas Tottering – Son-in-law to be, engaged to Penny (posh / RP) – 20s/30s – smarmy, annoying, ‘cleverer’ than Malcolm, has a nasty plan up his sleeve…

Thomas 1

Thomas 2

Thomas 3

Colette LaMarre – a French Songstress (Posh English/ sometimes with a French accent) – 20s/30s, is ‘seeing’ Malcolm, again let’s not leave this character to fall into the trap of a stereotype, physical comedy and more can be used here, and there’s more to the character than first meets the eye, also needs to be able to sing

Colette 1

Colette 2

Colette 3

Titus Platt – The Shoe Magnate (posh / RP) + Inspector Bullock 2 – an officer of the law but is really The Black Fox (posh / RP / neutral) – 50s – the gag here (I think) is that there is basically no difference between how these characters are played, apart from a change of outfit and maybe a moustache etc, strong comedy timing, physical comedy

Titus/Bullock 2 – 1

Titus/Bullock 2 – 2

Titus/Bullock 2 – 3

Hedda Noble – The Personal Secretary (posh / neutral) – similar in age to Grimlish, unassuming, quietly in the background, still moments for physical comedy and funny one liners, again hiding a secret

Hedda 1 

Hedda 2

Hedda 3

Dick Drake – The Chauffeur speaks initially with lower class accent, but is really Chief Inspector Swift (West Country + posh / RP / neutral) – 20s/30s – good comedy timing, physical comedy, lower class and different mannerisms for chauffeur and then complete personality change for inspector swift (but this can be played around with depending on who plays the role)

Dick Drake 1

Dick Drake 2

Dick Drake 3 

Inspector Bullock 1 – 30s/40s/50s, an officer of the law (posh / RP / neutral) – stickler for the law, the rules, Sherlock Holmes style character, comedy timing and physical comedy

Bullock 1

Bullock 2

Bullock 3