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REVIEW: ‘The Real Thing’ was real good.

In September we performed ‘The Real Thing’ by Tom Stoppard, and the production has received a couple of excellent reviews which seem to echo the positive feedback we had from audiences each night.

Tom Stoppard plays are often regarded as ‘wordy’ and demand a lot of concentration from the audience, and this play was no exception.  Overall there were two types of response, people either loved the production inside out OR they didn’t love the play itself but did admire our production – and that’s fine by us, variety is the spice of life!  Next up is fun for all the family with Jack and the Beanstalk! Tickets available online or from Home and Colour on the High St.

Below is the full Sentinel Review from Gina Brian…

The Real Thing– a play written by Tom Stoppard

Venue St Michael’s Hall Stone 7.30  9th-13th Sept.

The venue is tiny but The Revellers Theatre Company always manage to organise themselves and the audience to use the space to its full advantage. For this play, we, the audience sit very close to the players on 3 sides of their playing space- a real treat. The set is minimal but sufficient, it is changed efficiently and quickly by the cast and back stage crew on many occasions for there are 11 scenes.

The play is set in the early 1980s, it is about marriage, writing, emotional fidelity and intellectual integrity. Stoppard uses the play within a play structure to mess around with ideas of reality, honesty, fidelity and love. Characters include a playwright (Henry), two actresses (Charlotte and Annie), two actors (Max and Billy)  a daughter (Debbie) and an aspiring writer(Brodie). He combines his characteristically brilliant wordplay and wit with flashes of insight that illuminate the nature and the mystery of love, creating a play which challenges the mind while searching out the secrets of the heart.

This cast each display well developed and different characters. Stoppard uses a lot of words which have to be delivered clearly and with understanding and they all do this very successfully- they are to be congratulated. I particularly enjoyed Alec Voss’s performance as Henry, he handles a whole range of emotions with real insight and understanding and also that of Harri Bailey, who played Henry’s second wife Annie. The closeness of the audience left them no room for relaxation and they worked hard throughout the evening, each complementing the other.

Many congratulations to all members of the cast and to the Director Mark Doran.


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