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2020/21 Season Announcement

Stone Revellers are excited to announce the exciting line up of shows that we have for you in our upcoming 2020/21 season!

Return To The Forbidden Planet (1st-4th April 2020) is the final show in our current season, tickets are on sale now.

Following this,  we have 4 more shows lined up for your entertainment; A comedy (with a serving fish and chips), a play, a pantomime and a musical.

Murder Afoot – 10th-13th June 2020

An outrageous comedy whodunnit that is guaranteed to delight our audiences this summer, not least because we will be serving fish and chips in with the ticket price. Audience will be seated at tables and our team will cater for you through the evening as you enjoy this year’s comedy – split into 3 acts – with the first interval being for your food and the second interval for a cabaret style performance.

Dangerous Liaisons – 16th-19th September 2020

A dark drama that follows two rivals as they use sex as a weapon to hurt those around them. A The 1999 film Cruel Intentions was also an adaption of Les liaisons dangereuses, the french 18th century novel. Most recently revived by the National Theatre, where it was described as “one of the best stage adaptions ever written” by the Observer and “Theatre at it’s most seductive” by the Evening Standard.

12 days of Christmas – 2nd-5th December 2020

Every December, we present a popular Panto and this year will be no different. Our theme is the 12 days of Christmas and our production team have some wonderfully festive ideas up their sleeves for your family this year.

Our House – 24th-27th March 2021

Revolving around the hits of MADNESS (baggy trousers, it must be love and many, many more) – Our House (by Tim Firth) tells the story of London lad Joe Casey from a key moment on his 16th birthday. The audience are shown two parellel worlds, one where he chooses to be good and one where he chooses the wrong path altogether. Our House is heartwarming and hopeful with surprising depth.

Be part of it!

Seen something you’d like to be part of? All you need to do is audition. Auditions are open and transparent and we welcome new members every show. You’ll be seen on a “first come first seen” basis and often we host a pre-audition workshop where you can come to learn more about the show and what our production team is looking for. Sign up for our newsletter and follow our social media for details.

We’re always looking for production team members too – so please get in touch whatever aspect of theatre that you’d like to get involved in. From technical, to setbuild, to playing instruments to sewing costumes and everything in between – we need you! So come and join in.

You can get in touch with us via e-mail or facebook messenger.

How are our shows chosen?

Every year, we reach out to our members and ask for suggestions of the shows that they would like to perform, across our four genres. The committee chooses the most viable shows from those selections based on a number of factors including cost, do-ability whether enough of our members and paying customers will benefit. Committee votes upon this shortlist and the show with the most votes wins.

However, the musical is slightly different. The committee creates a shortlist but this is put out to our members to vote upon their first, second and third choice.  This year, unbelievably, it was a tie between the two most popular musicals and Our House won based on more people voting for it as their second choice.


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