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A Funny Thing is happening in Stone this March

“Something for everybody, COMEDY TONIGHT”

This March, Stone Revellers Musical Theatre bring to you Sondheim’s rip-roaring musical ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum’. Come in out of the cold and join us for a heart-warming love story (…which turns into a love hexagon), steeped in farcical chase scenes, mistaken identity, lust, liberation and loose morals!

A whole host of talented thesps and a bevy of dancing beauties make up the company for this fast-paced production. We’ve got Courtesans and Eunuchs, Eunuchs who are Soldiers, Soldiers who are Slaves, Slaves who are Courtesans and much, much more! So, for an unforgettable evening in Ancient Rome, come on down, it has something for everybody and will not disappoint.

Tessa Foster, new cast member:
“If you have a great sense of humour, this is the show for you. Those of you who are familiar with ‘Revellers’ will know Noz, Alec and Helene are three of the funniest people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting, and I challenge anyone to keep a straight face when this comedy triad take to the stage.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing for my first Revellers production; I have been in good company with fellow newbies, and nerves have been settled as seasoned cast members have taken us under their wing. I am excited to see it all come together in what is now less than 3 weeks to go! It’s a fantastic way to make friends at any age, whether you’re geared up for the limelight or more comfortable back stage, get involved!”

Alec Voss, returning cast member:
“I didn’t know what to expect going into this production. I was surprised to find that it doesn’t follow the conventions of typical musical theatre and certainly differs from anything Sondheim went on to produce afterwards. A kind of play-come- farce, with songs chucked in, gives it a very refreshing feel from other musicals I’ve performed – particularly those that have been comical in nature.

“Song heavy in Act I, and a rather more farcical Act II, it is structurally unique and I believe it will be well received by our audiences. It’ll fly by on show nights and has been an absolute blast to rehearse!”

Tickets are available from Home & Colour on Stone High Street – you can reserve yours by calling 01785 817 307 or by visiting the store. A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum plays St Michael’s Hall, Lichfield Street, Stone from Wednesday 21st – Saturday 24th March 2018.


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