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Audition Information for THE PRINCESS & THE PEA

Stone Revellers are holding open auditions to be on stage in our Christmas production and we want you to be there!

Find below Character List, Character Descriptions, Synopsis and Audition Pieces!

At Audition you will be asked to read a character or two and sing a short tune of your choice. Read on:

Our next auditions will be held on Saturday 24th August 2019 at 2.30-4pm and Wednesday 28th August 2019 at 7.30-9pm at St Michael’s Hall, Lichfield Road, Stone. You only need to attend one – and you will see our production team individually and on a first come, first seen basis.

We are looking for the following roles and chorus/dancers. All ages & abilities welcome. If you are away and have been in touch with us, we will let you know a further audition date in the following week that you can attend. (Please message us via this website or on our Facebook page if this also applies to you).

Auditionees will be asked to perform snippets of the script (the Audition Pieces) which are below to download as a PDF – which should open in your browser and be easy to save and print. We’ll also ask you to sing (just a verse or a chorus) a song of your choice – if you’re unsure then why not sing a little bit of “I’m a Believer” (the Shrek version!) – our opening number – or we can walk through a vocal warm up. We just need to test your range.

PRINCESS & THE PEA is a Panto, based on the classic tale, but with an excellent brand new script – written by our own Simone Plant. The show will involve acting, singing, dancing and lots of jokes and laughs.

Your production team will be: Simone Plant (Director), Rob Stanway (Asistant Director & Co-Producer) and Nichola Abbott (Co-Producer).

Cast List & Character descriptions

Valiant (M/F) – the Prince. He is a pleasant, down-to-earth young man, loyal to his family and obedient to their traditions

The Lord High Chamberlain (M) – the late King’s chief servant, well intentioned & an honest man

Dame Dolly of the Bedchamber (M) – (dame) Prince Valiant’s nanny – ‘nuf said!

Chester the Jester (M) – (comedian) joke a minute

Eleanor (F) – a young Princess, pleasant, attractive, sensible, dignified and charming –everything a Princess is supposed to be

Fairy Rosebud (F) – Good Fairy, keeps a protective eye on the Princess ensuring the story proceeds in the right direction. She’s down to earth, not “frilly” or “posh”. Gets on well with everyone instantly

Dowager Duchess Wilhelmina (F) – very determined, & a nasty piece or work. Wants her daughter to marry the prince at any cost

Lady Selena (F) – her daughter, very conceited, inflated self-image and perceives herself as incredibly entertaining and wonderful. Far more important than her mother

Travis (M) – Evil henchman who works for the Duchess (secretly in love with her)

Lady Lavinia (F) – plain and completely absorbed in her mathematical studies, simply dressed, and looks like 1940’s movie “typical” spinster librarian

Lady Daphne (F) – more interested in singing and dancing than anything else

Lady Gwendolyn (F) – she finds her own reflection in the mirror much more fascinating than a mere Prince




A long time ago, just the other day a Prince needs to be wed in 3 days before he can be crowned King, but how to find a suitable wife. The solution comes in the guise of a Britain’s Got Talent style knock-out competition with the Evil Duchess Wilhelmina’s daughter Selena
as favourite.

During the pre-competition party the evening before, a young woman called Eleanor, drenched with rain from the storm, arrives at the castle to enter the competition. The next day as the other contestants get sabotaged by the Duchess’s henchman there are eventually only 2 ladies left.

The final challenge “suggested” by Eleanor’s fairy godmother, who is in disguise, involves all the mattresses in the castle and a handful of peas. That night Selena sleeps like a baby but poor Eleanor tosses and turns never once able to close her eyes and sleep.

Much to the evil Duchess’s disgust and everyone else’s delight, the result proves that only a real princess would have the sensitivity to feel a pea through such a quantity of bedding, so the Prince & Eleanor are married.

There is the usual mad cap humour involving the Dame and the comedian, and also a haunted suit of armour thrown in for good luck!


Rosebud: Click Here for your PDF

Chester: Click Here for your PDF

Dame: Click Here for your PDF

Prince: Click Here for your PDF

Chamerlain: Click Here for your PDF

Eleanor: Click Here for your PDF

Duchess: Click Here for your PDF

Selena: Click Here for your PDF

Travis: Click Here for your PDF

3 Ladies: Click Here for your PDF

Chorus/Dancers: Click Here for your PDF

NOTE: Female chorus/dancers can audition for any of the 3 ladies aswell as being chorus/dancers.


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