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Audition Information for One Man Two Guvnors

Auditions will take place at St Michael’s Hall, Stone on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th June 2018 for our next production:

One Man, Two Guvnors

To be presented between 12th – 15th September 2018.

The hall will be open from 7.30pm – 10.00pm on both evenings and the auditions operate on a “first come, first seen” basis! We are a friendly society that aims to produce community theatre to a high standard. We rehearse over a 12 week period. Newcomers are not only welcome, but are the lifeblood of our society. You are extremely welcome to audition for this, or any of our productions.

Audition Pieces are below in PDF format and are linked for each character . Simply click the link to load each piece. It is very helpful, but not essential, to look at the audition pieces in advance of your audition. If there are two audition pieces for the character(s) you are auditioning for, we’d like to see you read/perform them both!


In the British seaside town of Brighton, Francis Henshall has just been fired from his skiffle band. Despondent and desperate for fish and chips, Henshall ends up in the employment of Roscoe Crabbe, a small time gangster from the East End of London. But it turns out that “Roscoe” is really his twin sister Rachel in disguise, because Roscoe was murdered by Rachel’s boyfriend Stanley Stubbers.

As fate would have it, Stanley is also hiding out in Brighton and whilst waiting to be reunited with Rachel, employs Henshall as well. In order to keep both his jobs Henshall, who is also working on a romance of his own, must keep his two guvnors from discovering each other.

Character Breakdown (12-­‐14 roles)

Charlie “the Duck” Clench (Male 50s-­‐60s)

Charlie Audition Piece 1 (Click Here) | Charlie Audition Piece 2 (Click Here)

Small-­‐time London gangster that runs a scrap metal company. Streetwise, but not intelligent. Father to Pauline. Cockney accent.

Pauline Clench (Female 20s-­‐30s)

Pauline Audition Piece (Click Here)

Daughter to Charlie. Young, pretty, full of life and VERY stupid. Was engaged to Roscoe (before he died) and now engaged and utterly in love with Alan Dangle. A broad cockney accent.

Alan Dangle (Male 20s-­‐30s)

Alan Audition Piece 1 (Click Here) | Alan Audition Piece 2 (Click Here)

A young aspiring and terribly over dramatic actor with little common sense. Hot-­‐headed and passionate, but ineffective. Engaged to Pauline. Middle-­‐class London accent.

Harry Dangle (Male 40s-­‐60s)

Harry Audition Piece (Click Here)

Father to Alan Dangle and partner in a shady law firm-­‐ the stereotypical fat crooked lawyer. Constantly trying to sound higher brow than he really is. Posh RP accent, which occasionally dips into cockney.

Lloyd Boateng (Male, 40s-­‐50s)

Lloyd Audition Piece (Click Here)

A London/Jamaican ex-­‐con and friend to Charlie Clench. Charismatic, working class with an air of charm. Loyal, warm and owner of “The Cricketers Arms” pub.

Francis Henshall (Male, 20s-­‐40s)

Francis Audition Piece 1 (Click Here) | Francis Audition Piece 2 (Click Here)

*Note* Audition Piece 1: Ignore top of pg27 and last line is “Good. You Started It” pg 30

An Essex boy driven by his stomach. A bit rough around the edges, but very charming and lovable. A brilliant physical and verbal comedian who is confident with improvisation and audience interaction (and A LOT of lines).

Dolly (Female 20s-­‐40s)

Dolly Audition Piece (Click Here)

Charlie’s busty feminist bookkeeper. Smart and sassy, she’s had her fair share of men and is a true match for Francis. Northern accent optional.

Rachel Crabbe (Female 20s-­‐30s)

Rachel Audition Piece 1 (Click Here) |Rachel Audition Piece 2 (Click Here)

London girl from a criminal family. Sharp and quick-­‐witted, driven by her love for Stanley. Spends the play pretending to be her dead twin brother so must be able to play the caricature of a man.

Stanley Stubbers (Male 20s-­‐30s)

Stanley Audition Piece 1 (Click Here) | Stanley Audition Piece 2 (Click Here)

A posh public-­‐school boy from the Home Counties. Utterly confident and steeped in the arrogance of the upper classes.

Alfie (Male/Female, 18+)

Alfie Audition Piece 1 (Click Here) | Alfie Audition Piece 2 (Click Here)

The slow and doddering “elderly” waiter played by a younger actor. A great physical comedian. Must be able, willing, and ready to do several prat falls and engage in challenging, choreographed physical comedy. May be double cast as ensemble.

Gareth (Male/Female, 40+)

Gareth Audition Piece (Click Here)

Supercilious, efficient head waiter. Physically adept – helps out with quite a lot of “business”. RP (Received Pronunciation) accent. May be double cast as ensemble.

Ensemble (Open)

One or two actors will be cast as an old woman, a vicar, a taxi driver, police officers and more.

These are mostly non-­‐speaking roles, but essential. For the audition please read Gareth’s Audition Piece (Click Here) and the Cab Driver Audition Piece (Click Here).


Any Questions?

If you have anything to ask, please do. You can e-mail us on: or via the contact details on this website.


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